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In this Email Update:

  • Honoring Patriot Day
  • Challenges facing anthracite coal industry featured in my latest television program
  • Online budget survey results
  • Taste of Hamburger Festival
  • PA Preferred’s Homegrown By Heroes program
  • Scam Jam event at Shenandoah Senior Community Center

Honoring Patriot Day

On September 11, 2001 the United States suffered the most damaging acts of terrorism in history, claiming the lives of thousands of people and putting our country’s strength and resilience to the ultimate test. Many of us knew people who died that day – for me it was a college classmate. We will always remember those who we lost on that terrible day.

As we observe Patriot Day, it is important that we remember that nearly 3,000 lives were lost during this fateful day and honor the brave men and women who continue to sacrifice their lives to protect and defend our freedom and liberties.

This afternoon I was pleased to stand with our dedicated public servants who protect our communities each and every day. I joined Representatives Jerry Knowles and Gary Day at the West Penn Township Police Department to recognize our brave first responders, including Officer Melissa Ruch. On September 2, Officer Ruch was injured after an altercation while checking on a disabled vehicle. She was thrown down a 50-foot embankment where she was later discovered by EMS personnel after radioing for help. Officer Ruch and all of our first responders risk their lives daily in order to protect and save the lives of others.

Today we should take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices many brave men and women, along with their families, make each day to serve and protect our communities. Thank you to our noble first responders!

Challenges facing anthracite coal industry featured in my latest television program

In my latest edition of The Argall Report, I highlight the most significant challenges facing Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal industry.

My show includes testimony from a recent Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee hearing I sponsored in Pottsville which features local anthracite companies who are confronted with heavy subsidies provided to the industry in other countries.

I also recently introduced a resolution calling on Congress and the President to investigate unfair foreign government subsidies for anthracite coal exports to the United States.

Blaschak Coal Corporation President and CEO Greg Driscoll suggested that leveling the playing field in terms of foreign subsidies could result in the creation of up to 12,000 new jobs in Pennsylvania.

Reading Anthracite Company President Brian Rich testified during the hearing that foreign competition in the anthracite industry presents a serious challenge to Pennsylvania businesses. He also noted the impact of Russia’s recent military action in Ukraine as a factor that adds to existing regulatory challenges.

“In the United States, we have a war on coal by this Administration, but in other parts of the world, there is a war for coal,” Rich said. “We need to press this Administration for sanctions against coal that has been procured by the Russians in Ukrainian territories and is being exported to the United States.”

To see when this program is airing or to watch this report online, please click here.

Online budget survey results

During my telephone town hall event last month, local residents were able to provide feedback to a series of budget and state-related questions. For those who were unable to participate in the event on August 5th, I put the same survey on my website. Below are the results of the survey, which was completed by over 150 residents:

Governor’s Budget Veto

49% of participants think the governor should have signed the legislature’s balanced budget that was passed before the June 30 deadline

13% of participants think the governor should have executed a partial veto

37% of participants think the governor did the right thing by vetoing the entire budget

1% of participants are undecided

Governor’s Budget Veto for School Construction Projects

27% of participants support the governor’s veto of $5.3 billion in funding already approved for school construction projects

50% of participants oppose the governor’s veto

23% of participants are undecided

Political Ads Attacking Legislature for Budget

31% of participants approve of Governor Wolf’s political allies spending $500,000 in television advertising as well as tens of thousands of dollars in mail advertising to support his budget

58% of participants disapprove of this spending

11% of participants are undecided

Overall Budget

48% of participants prefer the House and Senate Republicans to try to override the governor’s veto of a balanced, no-tax increase budget, the privatization of the state’s liquor stores, and a bill to reform our pension system for state and school district employees

26% of participants prefer the House and Senate Republicans to continue to try to negotiate a compromise with the governor

25% of participants prefer the House and Senate Republicans to support the governor’s budget and tax increases

1% of participants are undecided

Property Tax Reform

35% of participants support the governor’s plan for property tax reform

5% of participants support the House-passed plan

53% of participants support Senate Bill 76, the complete elimination of property taxes

7% of participants are undecided

Pension Reform

65% of participants support pension reform

29% of participants oppose pension reform

6% of participants are undecided

Liquor Privatization

48% of participants support the privatization of our state-owned liquor stores

28% of participants oppose privatization

18% of participants support modernization

6% of participants are undecided

Demolition of Blighted Properties

65% of participants support the enactment of a fee on the recording of deeds and mortgages to be used in the demolition of blighted properties

14% of participants oppose the enactment of this fee

21% of participants are undecided

Marcellus Shale Severance Tax

31% of participants oppose a severance tax on the Marcellus Shale industry

58% of participants support a severance tax

11% of participants are undecided

You can view the highlights of the survey from the telephone town hall event here.

Taste of Hamburger Festival

Over Labor Day weekend I participated as a judge during the 12th Annual Taste of Hamburger Festival in downtown Hamburg.

For more than a decade, Hamburg’s hamburger festival has attracted tens of thousands of people from across the east coast with its burger eating competitions, great tasting food and beverages, live music entertainment, arts and crafts, and fun activities for all ages! Learn more about this annual festival here.

Taste of Hamburger
One of my favorite "chores": Judging hamburgers with Berks County Sheriff Eric Weaknecht, right, the host of The WEEU Morning Show Mike Keller, bottom, and local chef Sal Rozzi, left.

PA Preferred’s Homegrown By Heroes Program

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture recently partnered with the Homegrown By Heroes (HBH) initiative to launch the PA Preferred’s Homegrown By Heroes Program.

Agricultural products labeled PA Preferred denotes that they were made and grown in Pennsylvania, while products that are labeled HBH signifies that they were produced by our military veterans.

The PA Preferred’s Homegrown By Heroes Program combines both the PA Preferred logo and the HBH logo in order to provide farmer veterans with the opportunity to be productive and thrive in the marketplace and to also allow consumers to show their support for our veterans by purchasing items produced by them.

For more information about the Homegrown By Heroes program, including eligibility requirements, click here. To learn more about the PA Preferred program, click here.

Scam Jam Event at Shenandoah Senior Community Center

On Thursday, October 15 retirees and seniors are invited to attend the 4th edition of the Scam Jam event organized by Diakon, Independent Living Services, the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities Investor Education and Consumer Outreach Office, and the AARP Pennsylvania Consumer Issues Task Force.

The Scam Jam event is free-of-charge and provides the senior and retirement community with the opportunity to learn more about financial and investment scams targeting them, as well as ways they can protect themselves from becoming victims of fraud.

The event also features bingo, prizes, county and state-wide guest speakers and a continental breakfast.

Scam Jam will be held at the Shenandoah Senior Community Center inside the AP Damato American Legion Building located at: 116 North Main Street from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., with check-in beginning at 9:00 a.m. In order to attend this free public event, registration is required by contacting Independent Living Services at: 1-888-837-4235.

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