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In this Email Update:

  • Governor vetoes emergency funding budget
  • Senate Bill 76 update
  • Honoring the Schwenkfelder “Gedächtnistag” (Day of Remembrance)
  • Highlights from the concealed carry seminar
  • 27th Annual Schuylkill Haven Borough Day
  • Fall foliage in Pennsylvania
  • Department of State scam alert
  • Investing in transportation and infrastructure
  • 2015 Veterans Symposium & Expo at Fort Indiantown Gap

Governor vetoes emergency funding budget

Yesterday Governor Wolf vetoed the emergency funding budget that was passed by the House and Senate, therefore deepening the financial woes of our schools and organizations that are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring citizens receive proper care and treatment to lead productive, healthy lives.

I am very disappointed with the governor’s action, and yesterday I released a statement noting that this veto by the governor is another blow to local school districts, social service agencies and nonprofit organizations. Specifically, the emergency funding package would have provided $88.6 million in funding for school districts in the 29th Senatorial District. The voters in the last election voted for a divided government; not a dysfunctional government. I suggest we look at issues where there is agreement that the state needs to act, including school property tax reform, as a starting point.

For more information about how the governor’s veto affects your local school district, please click here.

Senate Bill 76 update

School property tax elimination was the main discussion item during caucus yesterday, with Senate Bill 76 taking the forefront among proposals that will eliminate this troublesome tax which has caused residents from all across the state, especially seniors living on a fixed income, to worry about their future as homeowners.

We have doubled the number of senators supporting this issue in the last few years. This is one area where I believe I can work with this governor and in my mind, the sooner, the better!

Honoring the Schwenkfelder “Gedächtnistag” (Day of Remembrance)

Each year on September 24th descendants of Schwenkfelder immigrants commemorate the anniversary of their ancestors’ immigration from Silesia, along the Polish-German border.

As an 11th generation descendant, this day of remembrance, or “Gedächtnistag” is an important time for me, and other Schwenkfelder descendants, to reflect and honor our ancestors for their courage and bravery in fleeing persecution and arriving safely in Pennsylvania.

“Gedächtnistag” is known as the oldest continuous celebration of Thanksgiving in the nation

Highlights from the concealed carry seminar

Last Wednesday I joined Representatives Goodman, Knowles and Tobash for a bipartisan concealed carry seminar in Mahanoy City. With over 300 local residents in attendance, this seminar provided local gun owners with educational information regarding how to apply for and receive a concealed carry permit.

A special thanks goes out to Schuylkill County Sheriff Joe Groody and Berks County Sheriff Eric Weaknecht for speaking with residents about Pennsylvania’s concealed carry laws and the importance of safe gun practices.

27th Annual Schuylkill Haven Borough Day

This past Saturday the Borough of Schuylkill Haven, “the little town that could,” celebrated its 27th annual borough day in downtown Schuylkill Haven.

Situated in the picturesque Blue Mountains and along the Schuylkill River, Schuylkill Haven has attracted many visitors to the area due to its rich history as one of the earliest settlements in the county, its numerous parks and recreation sites, and of course, the Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad.

This event was open to the entire public and included an all-day festival filled with live entertainment, train excursions and fun activities for all kids and grown-ups to enjoy!

Representative Tobash and I, along with our staff, enjoyed moving our office to the sidewalk for this year’s celebration and look forward to the borough’s many events and contributions in the future.

Fall foliage in Pennsylvania

As we enter into the autumn season, there is much to look forward to as residents of Pennsylvania. Our state boasts many state parks, trails, valleys and gardens that are particularly picturesque this season given their autumnal colors that are so rich and vibrant they look surreal.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and, the state’s official website for tourism in Pennsylvania, is encouraging residents and visitors to celebrate autumn and take advantage of the many activities being offered that capture Pennsylvania’s fall foliage.

Whether it is hiking Pennsylvania’s trails, climbing aboard a steam locomotive, bike riding along the greenbelt or taking a sightseeing cruise, these activities are sure to make all who participate appreciate and enjoy Pennsylvania’s natural resources and beauty!

For more information about Pennsylvania’s fall foliage and activities this season, please visit DCNR’s weekly foliage reports here, or’s website here.

Department of State scam alert

The Pennsylvania Department of State is alerting businesses, particularly new ones, about a scam currently happening that is requesting businesses to submit a credit card payment in order to receive a “certificate of existence,” which does not exist according to the department’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.

The scam attempts to receive a payment from businesses which ranges from $100-$150 in order to comply with “non-existent” regulations in Pennsylvania from a non-existent entity that is referred to as the “Division of Corporate Services” in the mailing that is sent out to businesses. The scam also includes information requests such as officer and director information, accounts and minutes.

Valid businesses who register with the Department of State are issued documentation that includes: an entity number; filing date; and the name of the current Secretary of the Commonwealth.

If you believe you have been a victim of this scam or if you have any questions or concerns with a related matter, the department encourages you to contact them at: 717-787-8503.

Investing in transportation and infrastructure

Act 89 of 2013 which was signed into law on November 15, 2013, increased funding for transportation by $2.3 billion and invests in all modes of transportation.

The department has provided Pennsylvania’s citizens with the opportunity to view what transportation projects are currently underway, as well as ones that are scheduled to begin later in the year and down the road within the next 4-12 years. To view these projects click here. In order to view what transportation projects are happening in the 29 th District, click here.

Citizens can also view the progress of highway, bridge, transit, rail, aviation and port projects using the department’s mapping tool which can be sorted by specific address, county, PennDOT district, legislative district, statewide and interstate. For more information and to view the progress of various projects, click here.

2015 Veterans Symposium & Expo at
Fort Indiantown Gap

On Saturday, October 10 all of Pennsylvania’s service members and veterans, along with their spouses and family members, are invited to attend the Veterans Symposium & Expo organized by the Pennsylvania Department of Military & Veterans Affairs and the Veteran Community Initiatives, Inc.

This symposium is a free event and provides service members and veterans with the opportunity to learn more about veteran’s benefits and services, as well as various networking opportunities.

The symposium will be held at Fort Indiantown Gap’s Recreation Center/Strickler Field which is located at the corner of Asher Miner Road and Clement Avenue. In order to attend this free event, please register at or by calling 814-255-0355.


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